DOKURO engine valves for Japanese cars.


DOKURO engine valves

DOKURO started manufacturing engine valves when it was founded in 1949.

Japanese cars started to be seen in countries around the world and we started to manufacture engine valves to sell as repair parts abroad. Since then, we have been building a record of service for over 60 years to meet each of our customers’ needs all over the world.
We would like to serve as a part of your workshop to help rebuild vehicle engines.

Therefore, please ask us anything you like concerning engine valves.

About the DOKURO engine valves

Product Catalog

We can supply engine valves of various makes and models.

DOKURO president of engine valve

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* For model years 2016 and later, please ask us directly about the model you are interested in.
* If you cannot find the model you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly.
DOKURO president of engine valve

Index of automobile manufacturers

We can supply engine valves for any car of any age from any manufacturer. Find the car model you want in the list of models from each car manufacturer by clicking on the buttons below. Then contact us.

TOYOTA enginevalve Kawasaki enginevalve HINO enginevalve SUZUKI enginevalve
HONDA enginevalve NISSAN enginevalve BAJAJ engine valve YAMAHA enginevalve
MAZDA enginevalve MITSUBISHI MOTORS enginevalve MALAYSIAN enginevalve
KOREAN CHINESE SPECIFICATION enginevalve ISUZU enginevalve KOMATSU enginevalve  
SUBARU enginevalve DAIHATSU PERODUA enginevalve AKT engine valve  

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Engine Valve video

Provides an outline of our company outline   Shows our enthusiasm for the DOKURO brand   Toyota vehicles meeting in El Salvador
'Preface: We are YOUR FACTORY' (90 seconds)   'Breakout to the DOKURO world brand' (10 minutes)   'Concentración Toyota con la visita de Kazunori Uramoto El Salvador'(7 minutes 24 seconds)

Engine Valve Topics

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