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Privacy policy

We respect privacy of our customers and recognize the importance of personal information. We comply with the laws and regulations which require protection of personal information and have the following policies to achieve this.
1. We only obtain personal information legally and transparently.
2. Use of personal information:
1)To check the details submitted to us and to inform our information,
2) To confirm information related to an inquiry and to supply information to the customer,
3) To supply and improve our services and products, and to develop new services.
3. Use of personal information: We only use personal information we obtain for the purposes shown when we request it, and only within the range that may be needed for our business activities.
When we share personal information with a 3rd party, or ask a 3rd party to handle personal information, we require that party to protect the information the same way we do.
4. Supplying personal information to a 3rd party: We do not supply the personal information to any 3rd party without the approval of the person supplying that information to us, except when we are instructed otherwise by laws and regulations.
5. Control of the personal information: We guard personal information to make sure it remains accurate and is safe.
We take as many appropriate measures as possible to prevent leaks, reuse, or modification of personal information.
6. Disclosing, modifying, stop using, and deleting personal information: If we are requested to disclose, modify, stop using, or erase personal information from the person who provided that information, we will examine the request and comply with the provider’s wishes.
We do not allow personal information to be leaked, because we do not allow it to leave our offices and control.

Continuous review of our privacy policies: We review and improve our privacy policies whenever there are changes or revisions in our services and products.

8. Inquiries about personal information:We will accept any inquiries concerning personal information by e-mail.