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There is no engine valves that we cannot manufacture.

We can supply any engine valves for any Japanese automobile of any age made by any car manufacturer.
Click the button below to find the vehicle model you want and then contact us.

Lineup by automobile manufacturer

Click on an automobile manufacture's name to see a list of available engine valves.
*For model years 2010 and later, please ask us directly about the model you are interested in.
*If you cannot find the model you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly.
DOKURO president of engine valve
Pickup products
TOYOTA engine valve NISSAN engine valve HONDA engine valve MITSUBISHI  engine valve
MAZDA engine valve ISUZU engine valve KOREAN CHINESE SPECIFICATION engine valve DAIHATSU PERODUA engine valve
MALAYSIAN engine valve SUZUKI engine valve SUBARU engine valve HINO engine valve
KOMATSU engine valve YAMAHA engine valve Kawasaki engine valve BAJAJ engine valve
AKT engine valve      
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